Newsletter – 08/02/2016

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Greetings again from Sympraxis Consulting!

Better Sym-Practices…

New Development Pipeline

We’ve been working a lot this month to improve our development practices. Julie joined Sympraxis with some great ideas, and she’s managed to teach this old dog quite a few new tricks. We’ve got all of our current code projects up on private Github repositories and we’ve got a really nice workflow going now that both improves our efficiency and gives us far better disaster recovery capabilities.

We edit our client side code on our devices (laptops, tablets, even phones!) in local copies of the repos, use gulp tasks with spsave to push changes to the Office 365 or on premises tenant, and then commit blocks of changes to the Github repos.

If you’ve been using source control for a long time, this may seem like old hat to you. But for many client side devs (like this old goat), there haven’t been very good ways to do it effectively. The old “map a local drive and edit the JavaScript in place” method has been good enough for years. But with the newer Document Library “experiences” on Office 365, the trusty Open with File Explorer is starting to work unreliably. Besides, it was time to get with the program.

We’re planning a set of blog posts that describe how we’ve gone about this – what’s worked well and what hasn’t – so watch both my blog and Julie’s blog over the next month or so.

Sym-ple News

Sometimes we hear about things going on in the ecosystem that you might have missed. We’ll try to keep these updated as we hear more, so watch for updates in future newsletters.

Sandbox Solutions Shutting Down in Office 365

Though Microsoft announced that Sandbox solutions with “code” (this is becoming a more confusing distinction than ever with JavaScript becoming a first class coding citizen!) were deprecated back in 2014, last week’s announcement that Sandbox code was being shut off caught many people by surprise.

Read more on Marc’s blog.

Annoying Edit Mode Bug

At first we thought it was just us, but we’ve been hearing reports from others about an issue with Edit Mode on lists and libraries in SharePoint Online. Our understanding is that this is a mistake and not a harbinger of things to come. If you try to copy metadata in edit mode right now, as soon as you hit the Ctrl key to do the copy, you’re switched back to regular mode. No copy, no laundry. In the meantime, we have Sharegate in our arsenal to help with larger scale metadata changes. (Yes, this couples nicely with our announcement below.) Let’s hope this one goes away fast – the fix is supposed to be rolling out. We already see the fix in at least one tenant.

New at Sympraxis


Sympraxis is extremely excited to be a Sharegate Premium Partner as of July 2016. This is probably something that should have happened a long time ago as Marc has been actively recommending them to colleagues and clients for some time. But now it’s official and we couldn’t be happier to be officially connected. If you’d like to know more about Sharegate’s products, please reach out. No hard sell, and we can show you why we love Sharegate’s products so much and use them so often in our own work.

Sharegate has some exciting news, too, as they’re working on a new SaaS offering for Office 365. If you’re interested, check out the Preview of Sharegate Online.

Community Highlights


Julie and Marc will be presenting a full day workshop and other sessions at SEF Unity Connect in Stockholm, Sweden October 26-28. We’d love to see you there!

Click HERE to register. Get 10% off if you use one of our discount codes (‘SEFMARA10’ or ‘SEFJULT10’).

Recent Blog Posts

Microsoft Cloud Show


While we were at SPTechCon Boston last month, Marc had the chance to sit down with Andrew Connell to go deep into the new SharePoint Framework and JavaScript development and tooling for the Microsoft Cloud Show (@mscloudshow).

If you don’t know the show, it’s been around for a few years now, and it’s packed with great content you need to know what’s going on in the Microsoft Cloud. It’s a podcast, so it’s great stuff to listen to on the way to work.

Boston Area SharePoint User Group

August 10, 2016 – Marc Anderson will be presenting “There’s a New Development Model in Town: What the SharePoint Framework Means for You”

Click HERE to register!

Granite State SharePoint Users Group

August 11, 2016 – Dimitri Ayrapetov, Digital Technology Partner, Cognizant is presenting “Office 365 Planner Deep Dive”

Click HERE to register!

Coming Up…

As the end of summer is almost visible over the horizon, we’re starting to think about September and back to school. We’re looking forward to that just as much as any other parents out there. It’s also back to school for us as we’re heading to Microsoft Ignite in Atlanta at the end of the month. Ignite is the big kahuna of conferences for us each year. There’s no bigger Microsoft conference, and the content spans the gamut, from Office 365 to SharePoint to Exchange to Skype and a lot more.


So we’ll have lots to share in October’s newsletter about what we heard and saw… stay tuned.


Do you have any ideas for things you’d like to see us cover? Please reach out to and let us know!

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