Sharing is Caring

The Sharing is Caring initiative was formed to remove technical barriers for new community members to contribute to Patterns and Practices repositories on GitHub. Many community members have no previous experience with GitHub proving to be a hurdle to sharing or using samples, articles, and other solutions. Whether it is as an article for Microsoft 365 Community Content, or samples for SPFx web parts, SPFx extensions, column and view formatting, or the Power Platform, everyone in the Microsoft 365 community has a place and value to contribute. We can all learn from each other’s diverse perspectives and experiences.

Each Sharing is Caring session provides hands-on, collaborative guidance. The Sharing is Caring team found that working directly with community members in a safe space allowed a better opportunity to become familiar and comfortable with GitHub. The sessions are not recorded to ensure everyone feels comfortable asking questions.

The Sharing is Caring team is currently offering free hands-on training for:

  • First Time Contributors: Focused on GitHub pull requests
  • Community Content: Focused on markdown, GitHub medial files, branches, and bulk pull requests in the context of contributing to Microsoft 365 Community Content
  • Maturity Model Practitioners: Discussion-based monthly meeting discussing and expanding on the usage of the Maturity Model for Microsoft 365
  • More than Code with Visual Studio Code: Focused on setting it up, use cases outside typical development, and tips/tricks.
  • SharePoint Framework with Node Version Manager: Focused on finding and using PnP SPFx samples
  • SharePoint Framework Developer Workstation Setup: Introducing Node, Gulp, Yeoman and managing multiple NPM packages with NVM
  • First Time Presenter: Discussion-based training on identifying your session objectives, preparing for a presentation, resources, and tools for your first presentation.