Microsoft 365 April Conference Recap

Announcements at the conference

FeatureStatusRoadmap ID
Graph connectors for Confluence, Jira, ServiceNow ​General availability​86516 & 86517​
SharePoint tenant rename​Public preview ​(with tenants under 5,000 sites)​82162​
New app catalog experience​General availability​88844​
Viva Topics integrated with Yammer topics​In preview​72184​
Lists Android App​General availability​70704​
Learning Pathways & Viva Learning integration​H2 2022​N/A​
Adaptive Card Extension Design Gallery​​General availability​N/A​
“memberOf” rule for dynamic groups​“Coming soon”​N/A​

Adaptive Card Extensions Design Gallery 

Newly launched is an Adaptive Card Extensions Design Gallery that is available in the Microsoft Store to install to your tenant. It includes 12 design samples of adaptive card extensions that can all go on the new Viva Connections dashboard. They are designed to showcase the art of the possible for demo purposes only with static or demo-based data. This enables users to visualize custom solutions to meet their business needs.

Access the design gallery:

Integration Stories 

Dan Holme’s sessions explored integration stories for Yammer in Teams, Outlook, and Viva Connections. It’s Yammer in Teams, not Yammer or Teams. Teams is our work interface where we are working everyday so it makes sense to access as much as we can in Microsoft 365 through this interface. It’s more a conversation of communities or channels. Overall, it feels like the approach that Microsoft is taking on integration is how can we experience all the other Microsoft 365 solutions better when we are interacting with it through Teams.  

Viva la Viva 

This was sort of the roadshow for Viva Connections, showing what you can do to develop it further and exploring common use cases. The conference offered a unified Ask Me Anything so you could pose questions about Viva to all product managers across the Viva Suite. This showcased Microsoft’s focus on integration in this module.

Power of Community 

There is a new Microsoft Community Advisory Board where members get to directly influence strategy resources and logistics of these difference community programs. The community support program looks to deliver foundational support for event marketing, speakers, and identifying larger platforms and systems that can power the return of these technical skill events. Their goal is to have the different community leaders be able to decide what event format is best for them and then Microsoft provides event recommended practices, systems, and tools for that delivery. Lastly, there is a new umbrella of Microsoft 365 Community Days which will allow new and existing community members to find, participate in, and run these events in any area they choose.