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Viva Desktop and your Intranet

Viva Connections is a marketing term that is being used as a collection of functionality. It isn’t a SKU that you can purchase like some of the other Viva components like Topics. Viva Desktop is one of those pieces of functionality that is available for you to enable in your tenant. In this episode of Ask Sympraxis we talk about Viva Desktop and Viva Connections.

Ask Sympraxis Anything

This week we opened things up to you and had a lively conversation running the gambit. Q: Have you encountered any privacy-related issues with public or private content delivery networks (CDNs) in SharePoint? I’m concerned about content being accidentally shared outside of our tenant. A public CDN is exactly what it sounds like, a public endpoint to content. When you enable this you define … Read More Ask Sympraxis Anything

External Sharing in Microsoft 365: The Rest

While we were working on our other sessions on external sharing we realized that there were lots of other miscellaneous things to share about parts of Microsoft 365 that we hadn’t already talked about. So, in this session of Ask Sympraxis we are covering all the rest. OneDrive  OneDrive Tenant Level Settings Tenant administrators can set different external sharing policies for both OneDrive and SharePoint. … Read More External Sharing in Microsoft 365: The Rest

External Sharing in Microsoft Teams

Tenant-Level Settings  Teams Admin Center  There are many layers of security which acts like a filter or funnel. When it comes to things like guests or external sharing, it’s important to know that at the tenant level, the tenant admin or teams admin has to turn a couple of switches on or off. The most common factor is differentiating between external users and guest users.  External Users  … Read More External Sharing in Microsoft Teams

External Sharing in SharePoint Online

Team Site vs Communication Site External Sharing  For Team Sites, the external sharing is on by default when you set up your tenant. This is usually where people are doing most of their external sharing and collaboration on documents.   With Communication Sites you can share externally, however, you can’t do it from the site itself until you turn on the external sharing in the Admin Center. There are 3 … Read More External Sharing in SharePoint Online

External Sharing in Microsoft 365

Use Cases/Scenarios  There are a few common scenarios we see across external collaboration needs:  One-Way Sharing of Content – A document needs to be reviewed by someone, for example, a contract, which will be attached to an email or a document workspace.   Temporary Collaboration Needs – A short term need which can be composed of internal and external people. These may be project-based transient needs.   External Partnership Collaboration Needs – A long-term more … Read More External Sharing in Microsoft 365

SharePoint App Bar

Intro to the SharePoint App Bar What is it? The SharePoint App Bar will appear along the left navigation on all SharePoint sites. There are 4 different components: Global Navigation Frequent and Followed Sites Recommended News Recent Files Global Navigation is being talked about the most. There are multiple types of navigation within Microsoft 365 for a Communications Site. These include the Global Nav, … Read More SharePoint App Bar

Getting Started with the Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform: From then to now In the old world, we had InfoPath and SharePoint Designer workflows which centered on SharePoint. There was also SQL Server Reporting Services to report on the data that is collected from InfoPath forms and stored in SharePoint lists or other sources. InfoPath is dead and now we have a new model with the Power Platform. It is … Read More Getting Started with the Power Platform

2021 Ignite Recap

Viva Connections Viva Connections is an extension of the SharePoint Home Site concept, which will also integrate with Microsoft Teams. It includes the SharePoint app bar and the home site app in Teams. This extension is one of the four offerings of the Viva employee experience platform, and it’s free with existing Microsoft 365 licenses.    In Viva Connections, there will be a centralized location for a user to see actionable tasks and … Read More 2021 Ignite Recap

Microsoft Viva Overview

Viva is Microsoft’s new employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights. Join the Sympraxis team as we discuss our take on the product and what you can expect in your environment.

What’s new in PowerShell?

The PowerShell scene around Office 365 is good, and it just got better with the release of the new PnP PowerShell module. In this week’s Ask Sympraxis we’ll talk about the which PowerShell modules you should use to bend Office 365 and answer any questions you have about PowerShell projects you’ve tackled yourself.

Templates and Automation for Collaboration

In this session, we will talk about the different options for using templates to create new sites and automation tasks. Bring your questions or use the link at the top of the page.