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2021 Ignite Recap

Viva Connections Viva Connections is an extension of the SharePoint Home Site concept, which will also integrate with Microsoft Teams. It includes the SharePoint app bar and the home site app in Teams. This extension is one of the four offerings of the Viva employee experience platform, and it’s free with existing Microsoft 365 licenses.    In Viva Connections, there will be a centralized location for a user to see actionable tasks and … Read More 2021 Ignite Recap

Microsoft Viva Overview

Viva is Microsoft’s new employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights. Join the Sympraxis team as we discuss our take on the product and what you can expect in your environment.

What’s new in PowerShell?

The PowerShell scene around Office 365 is good, and it just got better with the release of the new PnP PowerShell module. In this week’s Ask Sympraxis we’ll talk about the which PowerShell modules you should use to bend Office 365 and answer any questions you have about PowerShell projects you’ve tackled yourself.

Templates and Automation for Collaboration

In this session, we will talk about the different options for using templates to create new sites and automation tasks. Bring your questions or use the link at the top of the page.

Our Favorite Releases From 2020

Hub Site Improvements In 2020, Hub Sites gained the ability to sync permissions to the associated sites. The first step is to enable syncing permissions on the hub-site (located in Site Permissions under a Hub tab)  which will  add the Hub Site Site Visitors group to all associated sites. Next, in the associated site, under Site Permissions toggle Sync hub permissions to “On.” As … Read More Our Favorite Releases From 2020

“SharePoint is Slow” – What Can We Do About It?

In this session, we will explore some of the reasons your site may be running at a less than optimal speed, the tools you can use to identify the culprits, and some solutions to reduce the bloat. Resources and Takeaways Use the page diagnostics tool: Use the SharePoint Site performance page – Office Support ( Microsoft Network Diagnostic Tool:

Migrating Your File Shares to SharePoint Online

We’ve done a lot of migrations and we’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way. In this session, we will explore things to consider before migrating your content and the different tools to support the migration of your content from file shares to SharePoint Online. Resources and Takeaways Recording of the session PnP PowerShell SharePoint Migration Tool ​ Sharegate

Modern PnP Search Web Parts

What are the Modern PnP Search Web Parts?​ A set of web parts like those on legacy search results pages:  search results, search filters, search verticals, search box + search pagination Resources and Takeaways Modern PnP Search Web Parts Using the PnP Modern Search Web Parts with Refiners for Site Name and Content Type​ KQL Quick Reference

Putting the Unity in Community – A guide to Community Resources

The Sympraxis Team talks about something that brings us all together Community. Learn about how to avail yourself of, and contribute to, all of the tools and resources in the M365 community, the best community in tech! Resources and Takeaways Sharing is Caring GitHub Training Sessions: Microsoft 365 on Social Media: ​ Patterns and Practices (PnP) Community ​ Community Calls:​ Samples & Solutions:​ Microsoft 365 … Read More Putting the Unity in Community – A guide to Community Resources

Branding & User Interface Customizations

Today we will talk about what it takes to make a visually appealing and accessible intranet. We will look at some of the new functionality coming this year and what you can do today. Resources and Takeaways Theme Designer: Panthema:​ Flicon:​ SharePoint Look Book :​ Web Accessibility Guidelines:​ Top Application Design Mistakes:​ Visual Design Cheat Sheet:

2020 Microsoft Ignite Recap

We had a lightning round session of the Sympraxis’ highlights and top takeaways from Microsoft Ignite. Resources and Takeaways Roadmap Slides compiled by Sue Hanley: Julie’s Resources: Graph Connectors Ignite Session: Known limitations of graph connectors: Derek’s Resources: “Build a Beautifully Designed Intranet” Ignite Session: Theme Designer: Todd’s Resources: Microsoft Moves On-Premises Office Servers to a Subscription Model: Microsoft 365 Groups: Stream v.Next: Cross-tenant … Read More 2020 Microsoft Ignite Recap

Microsoft 365 Maturity Model

We often hear from people in the community that they know they aren’t using Microsoft 365 capabilities as fully or as efficiently as they would like. Taking a holistic view of the technology and gaining an understanding of current state vs. desired state can help organizations: Understand and compare options for solving business problems Focus time, energy and resources on the right priorities Identify … Read More Microsoft 365 Maturity Model