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Intro to Microsoft Forms

Interested in learning more about the various uses and best practices of Microsoft Forms? Ask Sympraxis is here to help! Give this session of Ask Sympraxis a watch today.

OneDrive and sync

Another insightful episode of Ask Sympraxis! This week focuses on OneDrive’s various manifestations, syncing, and adding shortcuts. Learn more here!

Making Your Intranet Multilingual

This week of Ask Sympraxis focuses on making your intranet multilingual, an ever so important topic in our changing business world! We cover the topic thoroughly from uses cases to potential pitfalls. Learn more today!

Ask Sympraxis Anything

Join us for this session of Ask Sympraxis Anything! We cover a range of topics including organization structure to support SharePoint/M365​, task tracking, SharePoint/OneDrive sync, migration recommendations, and more!

Forming an Intranet Steering Committee

Today’s Ask Sympraxis is all about forming an intranet steering committee. Take a listen to learn more about this crucial process!

How to be a Good Content Owner

Interested in learning to be a good content owner? We have the info for you. Listen to our newest Ask Sympraxis to learn more!

Content! Content! Content! Nudging along reluctant content owners

Join us as we discuss content! Learn how to get content, the typical site timeline, and how to nudge along your content owners.

The Intersection of Collaboration & Communication: Managing Your Content Lifecycle

Want to learn about managing your content lifecycle? Join us as we discuss various tools to use, tips and best practices, and permission inheritance.

Microsoft Loop

Microsoft has begun the initial roll out of a new solution called Loop. Join us as we discuss this new solution including observations and use cases.

Working Across Tenant & Identities in Microsoft 365

Microsoft has recently announced a new account switcher feature for Microsoft 365 web apps. Join us as we discuss benefits and limitations.

Microsoft 365 April Conference Recap

We attended the Microsoft 365 Conference in Vegas. Here are our top takeaways.

Modern Content Types

The Sympraxis team discusses content types from our different perspectives including updates to the content type gallery.