Microsoft 365 is a great platform with a lot of knobs to twist and levers to pull. While that provides a wide range of functionality it can also be a bit overwhelming and intimidating. At Sympraxis we love knobs and levers, we’ve turned and pulled them all at some point.

We can help you get your Microsoft 365 tenant configured the way you want it, and as new functionality comes out, help you get it set up correctly for your business. Sometimes even after you’ve set it up correctly, Microsoft 365 still won’t behave. We can help with that too.

If your SharePoint pages aren’t coming up as fast as they should we can help you find page or network performance bottlenecks. Maybe you saw some fancy PowerShell thing on the web but you’re afraid to run it, we can help. We use PowerShell for fun at Sympraxis.  

Cloud Identity is a new frontier for some customers moving to Microsoft 365. It has twists and turns that we aren’t used to with our on-premises domains. At Sympraxis we can help you get your on-premises users synced up correctly as cloud users in Microsoft 365 and we can help you take advantage of the security capabilities it provides.