Intranet Development

Your Intranet should reflect your organization’s strategy and culture – to reinforce what you want your organization to be. It’s an essential communication channel, collaboration platform, and knowledge management tool. We’ve seen great Intranets and we’ve seen some truly horrible ones. We’ve learned a lot along the way.

The best Intranets support every aspect of the digital workplace by keeping your people informed, providing them with important everyday tools and applications. It’s a way to reflect how you want your folks to feel about the place they work, not just a place to get the most recent benefits information.

We work with you to understand what makes your organization tick and improve how you communicate. Modern Intranets aren’t just Web pages: they are interactive, educational, brand-reinforcing centers of activity that help people do their jobs more quickly and effectively. We focus on tangible business outcomes and optimizing out of the box functionality to bring you engaging employee experiences. Should the platform not provide functionality you need or a way to manifest your special sauce, we can build custom solutions to augment it.