Solution Assessment & Architectural Design Review

Solution Assessment

Sometimes our clients end up with solutions built by other vendors or employees who have left. It can be hard to understand how those solutions work unless there is great documentation. We live in those weeds every day. We can assess your existing solutions to make sure  

They are configured to meet the needs of your organization and are following good development practices. With a focus on understanding business objectives, we identify easy wins and outline large-scale changes so you can make informed decisions. If you need help from there, we’ll already be familiar with what you want to accomplish.

Assessments might include:

  • “When to use what” in Microsoft 365 – with a focus on “skating to where the puck will be”, not just how things work today
  • Validating your information architecture
  • Security and external access evaluation
  • Reviewing your existing governance plan
  • Recommendations for a scalable site structure specific to your organization

Architectural Design Review

With any business solution there can be various ways to apply technology to solve it. Reviewing the proposed solution can help streamline and provide alternatives that could end up saving time and money, especially with large and costly projects.

We can help you review your business goals to think through the various ways it can be solved, providing you with pros and cons to each method. Whether your solution is utilizing on premises, cloud, or hybrid infrastructure we have seen it all and can help you move forward with confidence.