Speaking Engagements

Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference

Las Vegas | April 4-8

Derek will be presenting Introduction to Creating Custom Applications in Teams Using the SharePoint Framework and Introduction to user Experience for Developers.

Discount code: CASHPETERSON


Stockholm| May 4-5

Derek, Todd, Emily, and Marc will be presenting at SEF. Sessions to be announced in the spring.

365 EduCon (by SPFest)

Seattle, WA| May 9-13

Derek will be presenting a workshop with Julie about Extending Viva Connections using SPFx Adaptive Card Extensions.

Derek will also be presenting Introduction to Development with Viva Connections, Getting Started with Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways, and Creating Custom Applications in Teams Using the SharePoint Framework.

Julie will also be presenting Building ‘NPM’ style code libraries for use with SharePoint Framework, PnPjs and the SharePoint Framework: Version 3 What’s New, An Introduction to Atomic React Component Design in SPFx, and Using Webhooks to get SharePoint List/Library Event Notifications.

Discount code: SYMPRAXIS