Giving Back

We Sympraxians feel it is important to give back to the community. It’s part of our DNA. We speak at conferences, contribute to open-source projects, and share our knowledge with the community at large. 2020 was a challenging year for everyone and we wanted to step up our game. We explored ways to contribute to communities where we live and work. When we thought about how and what to give, and topics we were passionate about, we had a lot of options:  literacy, education, empowering diversity in technology, and a host of other very worthy causes.  

However, the challenges of 2020 made clear that there is need everywhere, and we decided to start at the most essential level:  there are still people in our communities that do not have enough to eat, so we agreed to support organizations focused on feeding hungry people. 

We are proud to support the following organizations in 2021: 

Iowa: Mid-Iowa Community Action 
Florida: Daystar Life Center 
New England: Merrimack Valley Food Bank  

In deciding how to contribute, we struck upon an idea: what if we each took one billable hour a month, and donated it to these organizations? One hour does not seem like much, but when you put it together across all of us and do it every month, it adds up, and can have what we hope is a meaningful positive impact on these organizations and our communities. 

Or as the Sympraxis Devs say

let need = 0;
while(need > 0){
   community +=  Sympraxis;