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Changes to home and start experiences in Microsoft 365

Wondering about the latest updates to SharePoint Start page and Viva Connections Home Experience? Look no further than Ask Sympraxis for expert guidance! Check out this engaging session as we explore these changes, covering everything from overlapping content and adaptive card extensions to multiple home sites and beyond!

Managing Company News

Join this session of Ask Sympraxis as we delve into effective SharePoint news management, providing practical strategies and techniques to
filter, customize, and brand news.
Gain insights and maximize the impact of your SharePoint news!

Ask Sympraxis Anything

Join this Ask Sympraxis session packed with valuable insights and expert answers to your burning questions. Explore the limitless possibilities of Microsoft 365 and gain a deeper understanding of its powerful features.

Microsoft 365 Conference Announcements Recap – Spring 2023

The Microsoft 365 Conference took place in Las Vegas early May 2023. Join the Sympraxis team as we discuss our thoughts on the announcements of Microsoft Copilot, SharePoint Brand Center, and so much more.

Building a sustainable information architecture

What is information architecture (IA)? What is an information architecture example? Join the Ask Sympraxis team as they explain through a benefits documents use case example and SharePoint best practices.

Empowering users while you implement Microsoft 365

Ever wondered how to make your implementation of Microsoft 365 even more successful? Empower your users! Join the Sympraxis team as they discuss how to do this while simultaneously building.

Customizing and extending search

Search is a highly customizable and extendable necessity. Join the Sympraxis team as we dive into different search options and their benefits.

Employee Directory

Another week, another great Ask Sympraxis episode. In this session we discuss employee directories. Join as we explore user stories, the Maturity Model approach, people profile cards, and much more!

Search Optimization

Join us as we discuss the important topic of search optimization! Compare search to the Maturity Model and learn the differences between SharePoint Search and Microsoft Search.

Notifications and approvals in lists and libraries

This session of Ask Sympraxis focuses on notifications and approvals in SharePoint lists and libraries. Join as the team discusses UX better practices and how these intersect with the Maturity Model approach.