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Migrating from Stream Classic

Are you still saving videos in Stream Classic? Are you aware that Stream is retiring and you need to transition those videos over to SharePoint so you don’t lose them? Follow along as we share common scenarios, how this works, caveats, tips, and much more on the process of this migration!


Eventually the time comes when an employee offboards, often resulting in complications within the organization. Thankfully this session of Ask Sympraxis will help you navigate through these transitions as we go through what is needed and our recommendations to smooth the process as best as possible.

OneDrive and sync

Another insightful episode of Ask Sympraxis! This week focuses on OneDrive’s various manifestations, syncing, and adding shortcuts. Learn more here!

Making Your Intranet Multilingual

This week of Ask Sympraxis focuses on making your intranet multilingual, an ever so important topic in our changing business world! We cover the topic thoroughly from uses cases to potential pitfalls. Learn more today!

Ask Sympraxis Anything

Join us for this session of Ask Sympraxis Anything! We cover a range of topics including organization structure to support SharePoint/M365​, task tracking, SharePoint/OneDrive sync, migration recommendations, and more!